Precision, timing and hard work.  These are the qualities that make for a good gymnast. And you, as their instructor, make sure that your students are taught proper techniques and attitudes. The Snow Group, Ltd. can do the same for you and your facility. With over 40 years of experience, The Snow Group, Ltd. can analyze your operation and make sure you have the right coverage at a great price. Along with our insurance industry partners, we have programs for gyms of all sizes. Let The Snow Group, Ltd. use their expertise to make sure you, your facility and your gymnasts are properly protected.

Nonprofit Organizations

As a nonprofit organization, you go to great lengths to service your clientele and/or to help those less fortunate. But who makes sure you are taken care of? The Snow Group, Ltd. has over 40 years of experience helping nonprofit organizations get the right insurance coverage at a price that doesn’t break their bank accounts. Whether you are a social service organization, charitable organization, a trade association, a social club or a fraternal organization, we have access to the best nonprofit insurance markets for all lines of coverage such as Property, General Liability Social Service Professional Liability and Directors & Officers Liability. Let The Snow Group, Ltd. show you how they can put the right insurance program together for you.

Business Insurance

Whether you are a real estate owner, a service industry, retailer or some other type of business, The Snow Group, Ltd. has the experience and industry partners to take care of your insurance needs. With over 40 years of experience, The Snow Group, Ltd. can tailor an insurance program to both take care of your risk exposures as well as fit your pocketbook. Let The Snow Group, Ltd. show what they can do for you.